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Gold and silver has been a trusted medium of exchange for thousands of years. In fact, today, gold and silver still holds its value in relation to common items such as food, housing, and basic goods and services.

Learn how to use gold and silver as a bartering tool. What amounts do you need and in what combinations. Be prepared, you could need gold and silver to acquire the things you and your family need sooner than you think.

While gold and silver are an important element of an investment​ portfolio, they are far more important to have in your physical possession when the economy collapses.

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After downloading your FREE guide you will be sent to a short survey. In preparation for the re-release of our book Gold and Silver- A Must Have for Bartering, we want YOUR opinions on what should be in this useful book.

When completing the short survey, be sure to enter your best email and phone number. This is how we will contact the winner.

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Bartering Will Be theEssential 21st Century Skill

Every day the world situation looks more grim. Terrorism in the Middle East, North Korea, Venezuela, and look at what’s going on in the US!

The Federal debt is not sustainable, we are approaching another bubble in credit, stock valuation, and real estate​. Be prepared for the worst!

No matter your political views, your economic situation, or your investment goals, ​you need to have gold and silver and other metals to protect your future well being, and that of your family!

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