How to Buy Gold-Silver in an IRA

linYou can buy actual coins with IRA retirement funds, but relatively few trustees offer this service.

Washington Gold Exchange has done substantial business with Equity Trust and Goldstar Trust.  These trustees have plans where you own physical metals with storage of the metal at several locations.  But because of their streamlined process and excellent track record, we primarily recommend Equity Trust in Ohio.

If you already have an IRA with a trustee that does NOT offer physical precious metals, the first step is to open a new account with Equity Trust.  You can then send new funds into the account and order precious metals with these funds with Craig Rhyne as Broker of Record.  Or, you can sell current holdings in your old IRA to get cash transferred into the new account at Equity Trust.  This would be done within a month to ensure no taxable event.

Click on this link to learn more or open an Equity Trust account. They will answer your questions.  Or call Craig Rhyne at (206) 719-6368 or email:

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