Testimonials about Craig Rhyne

“My family and I have obtained physical silver from various sources, most recently from Craig Rhyne at the Washington Gold Exchange. I bought a $250 face value bag of 90% silver coins. Craig delivered at a great price, and he was prompt. Washington Gold Exchange will be my first stop for my next precious metals transaction.”   Doug  L.   Redmond, WA

Dear Craig:  After watching the economy spiral down, I bought silver and gold from you on two different occasions.  As a dentist, I’ve always been aware of the value of precious metals, but I believe that this is the only way to protect the value of my savings.  I think of this process as safely protecting the value of my savings, rather than as an investment.  Taking your advice has rewarded me as my precious metals have skyrocketed higher as the dollar continues to plummet.  Many thanks for your help in this endeavor.  Kind regards.” Dr. P.,  Seattle, WA

“I started buying gold from Craig Rhyne at Washington Gold Exchange 17 months ago.  Then I bought silver Eagles, platinum, and small gold coins.  I’ve bought $373,000 so far, with great advice, good prices and personalized service.  Now my coins are worth $100,000 more, an increase of 26%!”  Jim E., Newport Beach, CA

“Thanks, Craig, for encouraging us to buy silver and for answering our questions, and for your follow-through.  With the federal debt growing, we are glad to have silver coins as ‘insurance’ as the dollar loses value.”  Mr. and Mrs. W., McMinnville, OR

“You convinced me, Craig, to go against the conventional thinking of my financial advisors.  Diversifying into gold, silver and platinum has been very profitable, and it has given me peace of mind.  Thank you very much.”  B.W., Seattle, WA

“My wife and I realized that converting some of our savings into precious metals was prudent in light of the weak dollar.  Putting $25,000 into gold, silver and platinum has been a profitable move, with excellent gains in less than a year:  Platinum up 11%; gold up 24%; and silver up 90%!”  Bill C., Lake Oswego, OR

“The gold coins in my IRA are now worth far more than our expectations.  Thank you, Craig, for handling our transactions over the last two years with low commissions and with efficiency.”  F. G., Bellevue, WA

Craig Rhyne and Lee Sanders (pictured with lobbyist Mark Gjurasic, second and third from the left) were the two main coin dealers who were successful in eliminating the Washington State sales tax on gold, silver and other precious metals and coins with a law signed into law by Governor Booth Gardner in 1985:


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