Silver Bars & Bullion Coins

100 Troy oz silver bars, gold bars and gold bullion coins.  Bars of 100 oz and larger should be considered only for large portfolios.

American Eagle coins –produced by the United States mint – are very popular.  Pictured below are the 1 oz Gold American Eagle and the 1 oz Silver American Eagle.  Also available from the U. S. Mint are small gold Eagles (1/10, ¼, and ½ oz sizes); Buffalo gold coins; and Platinum Eagle coins in four sizes: (1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, ½ oz, and 1 oz).

Bags of 90% pre-1965 U. S. Silver coins are available in ¼, ½ and full bag ($1,000 face) sizes. An inexpensive way to buy silver, and you end up with a nice size for possible use for barter.

Issued by the United States Mint, the 1 oz American Eagle Silver coin is one of the very best ways to buy silver because it is made in the U. S. and is exactly one Troy oz of pure silver.  The new U. S. silver dollars come in tubes of 20.

Silver 1 oz American Eagle coins come in tubes of 20.  Pictured below is a “monster box” from the U. S. Mint, which holds 25 tubes of 20— a total of 500 coins.  If you buy in lots of 500, we deliver them in these sealed boxes, which are very sturdy and stackable.

The Canadian 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf

The Perth Mint (Australia) produces silver bullion Kookaburra coins in various sizes, with the 1 oz. as the most popular for investors.

Austrian Philharmonic 1 oz Silver coin

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