Numismatic (Rare) Coins

The United States $20 Liberty Head gold piece shown below was minted starting in 1849 up until 1907.  The $20 St. Gaudens (designed by Augustus St. Gaudens) was minted starting in 1907 up until 1933.  We offer these and many others, including the old $10, $5, $2-1/2, $1 gold and silver numismatic coins. Since the old gold pieces were minted before 1933, they enjoy special status as “numismatic coins.”  While the premiums over the gold value are higher than for “bullion coins,” they may be a safer option if the government tries to call in gold like President Roosevelt did in 1933. We like the “Almost Uncirculated” [AU] coins for beauty and value.


Reputed to be the most beautiful gold coin ever made, the St. Gaudens $20 gold pieces make an excellent choice for precious metals portfolios.


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