Barter Bundles

Washington Gold Exchange LLC Announces Barter Bundles!

Washington Gold Exchange LLC is pleased to announce its new program of barter bundles. It is important for investors and users of gold and silver coins to have the correct mix of gold and silver coins to be able to barter for goods and services of varying prices and costs.

It won’t work very well to barter a 1/4 ounce gold coin for a loaf of bread. How would you make change!

We have bundles available from $500 to $10,000. Based on the current prices of gold and silver at the time of purchase we will craft a blend of gold and silver coins of various denominations that will allow for a variety of value points to barter with.

Shipping is extra for all bundles of less than $5,000. We ship all barter bundles fully insured with guaranteed delivery.

Be prepared for economic uncertainty (or worse) with one of our barter bundles. As an added bonus, it is also quite likely they will appreciate in value!

To get your barter bundle simply call our order hotline and leave your preferred contact information and will get back to as quick as possible. Or, simply email us at

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