IRAs/ Pension Funds: Fear is Driving People to Cash Out.

A few days ago, I heard from an old customer. As with so many others who have called, her pension fund had taken a huge hit since the crash.

In 2008, her IRA account was worth more than $1 million. Last week, the trustee said it was worth $550,000.

She bit the bullet and cashed out her IRA.

She told me she has been watching what is happening all over the world – capital controls; ‘soak-the-rich’ taxes; seizures of bank accounts (bail-ins); and forced conversions of private retirement funds into government bonds. She believes our own government is going to do the same as more than a dozen industrialized nations have already done.

KWN Embry I 1:7:2016

After taking out $77,000 for the taxes and penalties,
she put the remaining $346,000 into gold and silver coins.

A gutsy move and also a very smart move. Her decision to convert paper assets into gold and silver coins is prudent considering the rapid devaluation of the U.S. dollar.

The dollar is in the process of losing its status as the reserve currency of the world. My customer is no longer willing to be lulled into hoping everything will turn out O.K. during the ugly transition to a new global monetary unit. Continue reading IRAs/ Pension Funds: Fear is Driving People to Cash Out.

Gold vs. the Dollar: Past Performance IS an Indicator of Future Results.

I sell PHYSICAL gold and silver. Over the last forty-three years, I have had customers who have made fortunes by buying coins and bars when they were out of favor, and selling them at the crest of a wave.

Troy silver bars, Gold bars, Gold Bullion coins

Precious metals move that way in the short-term because they are so scarce. When people are scared, gold and silver prices move up violently. The sky is the limit. Continue reading Gold vs. the Dollar: Past Performance IS an Indicator of Future Results.

Gold is Reserve Currency of Banks

For the last nine years, sovereign nations and central banks have been vacuuming up the supply of “good delivery” gold (400 oz gold bars). Central banks have purchased record amounts of physical gold — at even a faster pace than just before the U.S. dollar was disconnected from gold (Nixon severed the gold-dollar tie in 1971).  


The gold-buying frenzy is related to the changing status of the dollar. Central bank gold demand is the highest since 1964 and the period of time leading up to the collapse of the London Gold Pool in 1968. The banks are systematically adding to their gold reserves in exchange for their dollar reserves.

As supplies of physical gold become available, countries such as Turkey, the Philippines, Ukraine, India, VietNam, Russia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Mexico, and China line up to take delivery. Continue reading Gold is Reserve Currency of Banks

Gold Market Crashed to Defend the Dollar

Shock & Awe in London and New York: In one day (April 12), more than 400 tons of PAPER gold were dumped on the market —to crash gold and to defend the dollar.

Something desperate is going on in the financial markets for
the Federal Reserve to coordinate this extraordinary “event.”

Bonds Are In the Bubble of Your Lifetime.

The Federal Reserve has been inflating the U.S. Treasury Bond Bubble for more than thirty years. Managers of some of the world’s largest bond funds are warning investors to act now. The bond market bubble is just about to  pop.

Martin Kozlowski, Wall Street Journal

Chances are, you are far more exposed to risk than you realize. It is likely half of your ETF [Exchange Traded Funds] portfolio is invested in U.S. Treasuries (read the fine print). And probably 40% of your retirement funds are allocated to bonds. Your nest-egg is not safe in a bond fund.

When the bond bubble pops, PHYSICAL gold and silver coins will become scarce

By Denise Rhyne

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Silver is in the early stages
of a fourth bull market.

Do you remember what happened to silver in 1979-80? I do. In 1979 – after years of sideways metals markets – the silver price started moving like a freight train. The average price of silver in 1978 was $5.93 per ounce. Silver moved up from $6 January 1979 to $48 January 1980.

The price of silver increased 800% in 13 months because of a shortage in the supply of physical silver. In the beginning, the big boys were the only buyers – taking delivery of silver by the actual ton. The general public did not get the fever till the very tail-end of the bull market.

It is happening all over again. Silver is acting just like it did in 1979. For the same reason. Supply. We are getting very close to the biggest silver-short-squeeze in history.  This time, instead of starting at $6, silver has established a new base line. If silver repeats its 1979-1980 performance performance in 2011, silver will head for $100 per ounce.

Supplies of physical silver (and gold) have
been going to Asia, into central bank vaults, and into
private hoards. What about buying some for your family?


The old U.S. silver dollars and pre-1965 U.S. silver dimes, quarters and half-dollars are 90% pure silver.


Another excellent option is the 1 oz. Silver American Eagle coin. The new silver dollar is about the size of an old silver dollar, and contains exactly one Troy oz of pure silver. The coins come in plastic tubes of 20.

What better inheritance for your children and
grandchildren than United States silver coins?

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Storing Your Precious Metals

When you own gold, silver, platinum or palladium coins or bars, you want easy access to all or most of them.  You don’t want to rely solely on an organization that may be located across the country and at their mercy.  Having coins and bars in your “hot little hands” means that you could readily access them to trade in a barter situation.  (This is usually not possible with physical metals held in IRA accounts; however, while not optimal, it is better to have gold, silver and platinum coins or bars in an IRA than “paper assets.”)

Pick out some handy, yet hidden locations in your home for some of your coins, such as a bag of pre-1965 U.S. silver dimes, quarters or half-dollars, which are 90% pure silver.  Some possible locations are:  1) Under dirty laundry; 2) With tire chains in the garage; 3) Sealed in Tupperware-like plastic container, then – possibly – in a 5-gallon paint can (or similar metal container) and buried under the foundation of your house, outbuilding or barn; 4) Under the baseboard in a room in a secret area; and/or 5) In a secret room created in your home, along with emergency food and water storage.  Note that the Container Store has 30 locations all over the U.S., and it carries many plastic container that are water-tight and in various sizes for storing valuables, including gold, silver, platinum and food.  Their website: For example, pictured above is a large, heavy-duty, screw-top seal storage unit (14” X 14” at base, 19” high):

After you have some coins / bars stored VERY close to you (at home), consider Continue reading Storing Your Precious Metals