Round Two Of The Financial Crisis Has Begun

October 2014. Global economies are contracting.  Prepare for giant swings in the stock market, trading halts in the bond market, and unprecedented money-printing.

Despite the endless propaganda, the economy of the United States is not recovering.  Leading economic indicators are turning down. That is why the Federal Reserve is continuing to suppress interest rates by printing money.

Markets are on fire. Trading halts and “flash-crashes” are coming with increasing regularity.  The stock and bond markets are trying to tell us something. Liquidity is becoming a problem.

Look at these out-takes from recent headlines:

Everything was Sold.
Oil is in a Virtual Free-Fall.
Low Liquidity Alert.
Spreads Blowing Out.
Algos Gone Wild!
Market Contagion.
Systemic Risk.
Market Depth Abysmal.
Markets Getting Scared.
Distressed Debt.
Prepare for Runs.
Examine all Risk Exposures.


Overnight, gold and silver prices will surprise everyone.

What is the #1 reason?  China is the new sheriff in town.  In 1980, China was a small player.  Today, China is the biggest gold buyer in the world.


Get silver.  Stay with silver.

Silver has become accepted as a reserve-asset and monetary reserve in Asia. China is now responsible for about one fifth of global silver demand.  In 2014, demand for silver in India was record-breaking (November gold demand was up 38%).

The affluence of buyers throughout Asia is now a significant market factor.  Since the beginning of 2014, the transfer of silver and gold bars from the West → to the East (primarily to China, Russia and India) has been unprecedented.

Preserve your nest-egg with 1 oz American
Eagles.  Real money means real liquidity.  

By Denise Rhyne

During the coming economic upheaval, gold and silver will perform as “monetary metals” and the world’s only real money. WEIMAR: First DEFLATION Then INFLATION (see what happened to the prices of gold and silver in Germany):


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