Drastic Changes in Sentiment: Gold & Silver

Big changes are coming to financial markets.


The “economic recovery” painted by the news media is an illusion. At the Davos World Economic Forum, banking executive Axel Weber warned the world debt crisis is far worse now than in 2008:

“Things feel better than they are. The recovery too weak to generate jobs. It’s not about whether things are improving: the levels of growth, jobs, and GDP are way worse than before the crisis.”  (Weber was formerly with Bündesbank, the German central bank; from ZeroHedge Jan. 22, 2014)

The Dow Jones has been gyrating all over the place. Since October 2014, trading halts have become more and more regular. In August 2015, we saw signs of systemic liquidity distress. This is not normal… Dow futures moved over 4,500 points intraday today!!!

Deterioration in the global economy is accelerating. When the tipping-point is reached for global debt, fundamentals will take over all markets. Gold is firmly re-established among financial elites and nation-states as the safest, most liquid asset. Overnight, gold and silver coins will be extremely hard to find.

Buy PHYSICAL gold coins — (ETFs have counter-party risk, unlike actual coins and bars in your possession.) It is prudent to have 10% – 20% of your net worth in physical gold, silver and platinum. Diversification is critical.

By Denise Rhyne

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GOLD IS A PRUDENT INVESTMENT: http://www.youshouldbuygold.com/gold-is-a-prudent-investment/

Gold and silver are in short supply. I have not seen precious metals shortages like this in forty-four years. I shop dealers all over the country for bars and coins. All the dealers are experiencing the same thing… supplies of gold and silver are drying up. 

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