Gold vs. the Dollar: Past Performance IS an Indicator of Future Results.

I sell PHYSICAL gold and silver. Over the last forty-three years, I have had customers who have made fortunes by buying coins and bars when they were out of favor, and selling them at the crest of a wave.

Troy silver bars, Gold bars, Gold Bullion coins

Precious metals move that way in the short-term because they are so scarce. When people are scared, gold and silver prices move up violently. The sky is the limit.

In order to predict future prices,
it is instructive to look at the past.

From 1792 until 1933 in America, the value of 1 $20
paper bill 
was equal to the value of 1 $20 Gold Piece.

In 1933, $1 was worth 1/20th of an ounce of gold. Notice the rise of gold compared to the dollar since 1933. Today –instead of twenty paper dollars– you would need almost $1,400 paper dollars to buy a U. S. $20 Gold Piece. Gold has out-performed the dollar by more than 6,000% in 80 years.

When Nixon was President, $1 was worth 1/35th of an ounce of gold. Today, $1 is worth 1/1,377th of the ounce above: American Gold Eagle. In about 40 years, gold has out-performed the dollar by more than 3,000%.

Old U.S. Silver Dollar:
1964  $1
2001  $6
2007  $15
2017  $25.50

No one knows what prices will be in the near-future. But, it is easy to predict the long-term future for the dollar, silver, and gold. Why easy? Because governments cannot print gold and silver. In the future, it will require more and more paper dollars to buy one ounce of gold or silver because the United States is paying its bills with printing-press-money.

Today, most of us fear how the Federal Reserve’s
money-printing-experiment will play out.

Two things are certain:

• Over time, gold and silver will preserve your wealth; and the paper dollar will lose purchasing power.
 ALL paper investments are exposed to third-party risk.

Consider the true role of gold and silver for your investment portfolio. Physical coins have always been the sure way to protect private wealth. Over the millennia, real money has protected people from out-of-control-money-printing, out-of-control-governments, and Lehman Bros.—type calamities.

Protect your wealth; put a significant portion of your
retirement funds in real gold and silver money.

Submitted by Denise Rhyne

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