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$2,500 EachSub-totals
$100 faceUS 90% silver pre-1965 coins [1/10 "bag"]$2,207$2,207
21/10 oz Gold American Eagles$220$441
$250 faceUS 90% silver pre-1965 coins [1/4 "bag"]$5,318$5,318
221/10 oz Gold American Eagles$220$4,851
2001 oz Silver American Eagles$33.47$6,694
$500 faceUS 90% silver pre-1965 coins [1/2 "bag"]$10,535$10,535
71/4 oz Gold American Eagles$500$3,502
201/10 oz Gold American Eagles$219$4,390
2601 oz Silver American Eagles$33.07$8,598
$1,000 faceUS 90% silver pre-1965 coins [ 1"bag"]$20,870$20,870
31/2 oz Gold American Eagles$983$2,949
231/4 oz Gold American Eagles499$11,484
301/10 oz Gold American Eagles$218$6,555
7501 oz Silver American Eagles$33.02$24,764
$2,000 faceUS 90% silver pre-1965 coins [2 "bags"]$20,770$41,540
11 oz Gold American Eagles$1,891$1,891
31/2 oz Gold American Eagles$981$2,943
251/4 oz Gold American Eagles$498$12,457
401/10 oz Gold American Eagles$218$8,720
4US old $20 Gold Piece -AU Lib.$1,942$7,768
1,5001 oz Silver American Eagles$32.92$49,378
$3,000 faceUS 90% silver pre-1965 coins [3 "bags"]$20,670$62,010
101 oz Gold American Eagles$1,886$18,858
101/2 oz Gold American Eagles$976$9,760
1071/4 oz Gold American Eagles$496$53,103
1201/10 oz Gold American Eagles$217$26,040
8US old $20 Gold Piece -AU Lib.$1,937$15,497
8US old $20 St. Gaudens - AU$1,937$15,497
Prices fluctuate constantly.  These are only indications based on the spots 
below, with rounding errors.  Final prices confirmed at the time of order. 
Silver:$24.479:42 AMPacific
      Customized portfolios avail. including many other bars and coins such 
      as Buffalos, Maple Leafs, Philharmonics, Kangaroos, Krugerrands, etc. 

Model Portfolios, with portfolios ranging from $2,500 to $250,000 that provide diversification with gold and silver provide the best coins for barter            

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"My family and I have obtained physical silver from various sources, most recently from Craig Rhyne at the Washington Gold Exchange. I bought a $250 face value bag of 90% silver coins. Craig delivered at a great price, and he was prompt. Washington Gold Exchange will be my first stop for my next precious metals transaction.” Doug L. Redmond, WA

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